How To Defend Your Business



In the 21st century that we live in, connectivity and digitisation seem to be the runners for our fourth industrial revolution but here at Hk-Mg we think that manufacturers should open up their arms to the idea of cyber security to ensures property and physical assets are protected from attack.

The digitisation in the industry of manufacturing really does drive operators to reach a new level of productivity and quality.

Manufacturers who connect the systems they have in their factory to their enterprise networks, creates efficient, flexible, agile and business that is profitable.


We are excited because these are times to look forward to; but, a dark cloud is cast over the land which is the land called ‘progress’. The way to sum this up is to show a simple equation (BOO!!! MATHS)

Business + Progress = More Connections = New Security Risks

Previous control systems were not created with security and connectivity.


Many businesses do not have simple policies for their security written down. You should start writing up a set of security policies and protocols for your manufacturing plant that will determine who will be able to access your network in the first place.

Physical Security

Believe it or not – a lot of damage comes from inside, when entry is gained from your factories floor. Whether it is preventing data loss or property theft, your company would really benefit from physical security solutions integrated with your secure product network.

Multiple Defence Mechanisms

Going back to our equation idea, more connections in your work manufacturing environment equals opportunities for a breach.

No product, methodology or piece of technology could secure your network to the point that it is 100%. Protecting your critical assets requires multiple layers of defence – digital which is (networks, applications, devices), physical and protocols to confront different type of threats.