Things to think about when Designing Product Packaging

A beginner’s guide to designing packaging.


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Today we will be going over a commonly requested topic and that is whatw e would recommend to new designers or just ordinary people that would like to have a go at designing some product packaging. We have broken this down into certain features you should focus on.


The Brand.

Arguably, the most important thing you need to remember when designing your product packing is to stay within the brand. The packaging needs to clearly represent your company with its style and feel. It is better to use the company colours as much as possible so people will then remember the brand visually. Of course, this depends on the product itself but usually you need to keep the brand image in mind.



The packaging needs to make sense, there is no use in creating a fancy box with tear offs and flaps just for a cable or phone case. The box design should preferably be sensible in terms of shape and size. There is nothing worse than receiving a big box that looks hefty but in reality, only 50% of the space is really used to create the illusion of something coming with extras and such things. An example of a brand that has recently changed it packaging for the better is ‘Quavers’ here In the Uk and probably around the world we are constantly being tricked by crisp companies. It seems that the bags are getting bigger and they have less crisps in them! Research has found that UK crisp packets contain upto 86% air and 14% crisp! That is disgusting to say the world is struggling to keep up with the plastic waste as it is. Quavers on the other hand have reversed this affects and have made the packet itself smaller, but containing the same number of crisps. Even the multipacks have shrunk in physical packet size which is fantastic.


It Must Pop.

If you are selling a product on shop shelves then it really needs to stand out from the crowd. You need to research your top shelf competitors and see what will pop against that. You still need to keep brand image in mind but bright colours and action words are great when getting people’s attention.



Try and use fair source materials such as recycled paper and plastic. This will show the customers that you are a caring company that is not ignorant to world issues. Companies are also more likely to push a brand that has good ethos and values. There are many providers out there of bio-degradable materials that are legitimately sourced and recycled so check them out.


There have been a few tips to consider when designing product packaging, we hope that you found some useful information. As always please do not hesitate to get in touch using the form on the contact page.